Friday, January 3, 2014

Martin Luther King Day

Rainbow of Friends

Mailbox Publications


Friend "I had a Dream" Craft

Make a World Peace Necklace

Hand out pre-cut World Peace Circles
Kids decorate (color, stickers, glitter, etc)
with hole puncher; punch hole (top side)
thread yarn and tie at back

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Handprint Dove

Friendship Snack
Back To School Friendship Snack. Every item connects to a character trait & book. Rainbow Fish- Goldfish- Sharing. Cook A Doodle Doo- Popcorn- Team work. Chrysanthemum- Mini Marshmellows- Kindness. Ruby The Copy Cat- Fruit Loops- Be Yourself. Enemy Pie- Pretzels- Be A Good Friend. Pig Sty- Animal Crackers- Responsibility.

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Ground Hog Day

groundhog craft
groundhog shadow craft
Groundhog Day Kids Craft and Kindergarten Lesson Plan


 Groundhog Poem
Groundhog Day bookmarks

Groundhog body parts



Carson Dellosa Publications

Matching up the lower-case groundhogs to their capital letter 

FREE Groundhog Day Art

Itsy bitsy Ground Hog Day book - free printable


Groundhog Day bulletin board.  #Childtime #Groundhog #Bulletin board #DOL
Groundhog Day Graph

ground hog day #Artsandcrafts
Play With Me: Groundhog Day Treat

Click The Link for FREE Printable "GROUNDHOG GRUB" Topper

Groundhog's Day Fun Activities


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