Monday, April 23, 2012

April --Showers & Ducks & Such

Decorate a Spring Hat

Spring Hat
April Showers--May flowers

Flower Princess Crown

Decorate  Your Rain Boots
Do you like Polka Dots or Stripes? 

Create A Rainy Scene (Art)
or an umbrella mobile

Umbrella Tissue Art

Rainy Window
busy bee kids crafts rainy window

Ducks in a Pond

Duck Pond Craft


Spring Globe
Spring No-Snow Globe 

Spring Lantern
Chinese lantern
Photo from:Activity Village
Use the Chinese Latern instructions to make this craft here: 
Or see Olly Pop Instructional Video here:  Just add pastel colors crepe paper to end.

Fire Flies 

Fire Fly Craft

Fire Fly Craft

Fire Fly Glow in the Dark Craft

Creative Bird Houses
Place all different types of Art Supplies (all types of cut paper, feathers, markers, crayons, dot painters, bird cut outs, yarn, buttons, etc) at student's reach
Every Child Can Create Their Own Unique Birdhouse

Spring Birds 

Make Bird Seed Hearts with Cookie Cutters

More Links to  Bird Feeders Crafts

Get Creative with this template that sings "SPRING"

From Mrs.Holcomb's Classroom

Spring Preschool Bulletin Board Idea 

These Books ARe Sweet!



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