Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Owl Theme Classroom

Creative use of  clothespin (just add a little glitter to pin or paint) to hang Student work!

Free Printable Here: theme

I would use a different green & mix it up with blue and silver
But I like the concept for different centers.
Even I could do this!

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Switch it to "Fall" Reading

I love owls...back to school hallway board

I love this sweet blue owl board-- I would laminate the apple with the student's photo & name.
The student can pick their apple and place it on the tree when he/she enters the classroom in the mornings.


  1. I really like your owl Theme Classroom. Our Enrichment Class for Kids are sort of decorated with mixed and random crafts on trees and animals. Would be quite cute to have all these owls in the room.

  2. LOve it! I have an Owl theme classroom as well. But love your ideas and colorful owls!


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